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Hi, I’m Petr!

→ česká verze zde

If you like flowers, burgers, dancing, Aperol Spritz, Beatles, Iceland, left-hand driving, snow, mountains, rock’n’roll, picnics, sitting by bonfires and camping from spring to autumn – then we’re meant for each other ♥

I’ve been shooting videos since 2016 and I’d been a freelance photographer three years before that. I still shoot photos (portraits, personal projects & weddings) and I wouldn’t trade these hobbies for the world.

I love travelling. My camera was stolen by monkeys on Bali and almost froze to death on Iceland. I’ve shot in New York, Turkey, Slovenia, UK... and there are new adventures every year!

I’ve shot weddings of people from all continents (except for South America, so if you know someone…) and I love my job.

* perky pug runs all day around with a camera and doesn’t know when to quit. Ours was created by Blanka Adlerová.

You could find our videos on rocknrollbride.com, svatebnicirkus.cz, budemesebrat.com, MILE magazine, or odtednaporad.cz, YES&YES and so on.